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As a business owner, you juggle many responsibilities.

Managing and growing your business is a complicated process,

and maintaining your company’s books (although essential) is a tedious,

time-consuming task that take your attention away from ensuring your company’s sustainability and growth.

Fortunately, JB BOOKKEEPING has the experience,

the expertise and the time to shoulder your bookkeeping responsibilities so that that precious time becomes available to you for other purposes.

Because we’ve been in the bookkeeping business for so many years,

we have developed a comprehensive and affordable approach that is guaranteed to improve your company’s financial well-being

From establishing timely billing and collection processes to decreasing expenses and providing financial projections

to help you make informed decisions, we have you covered.

We are positioned to work off-site or remotely, and our clients come from a wide range of industries.

Our success has been built on our willingness to customize our bookkeeping services for our clients’ unique needs.

We specialize in SAGE One Accounting, SAGE One Payroll, Pastel Partner & Xpress,

Pastel Payroll and adhere to impeccable confidentiality and security procedures.

Some of our services include:

Accounts receivable and payable | Payroll | Financial reporting | Year-end tax preparation

Establishing new or updating existing procedures | Improving data entry

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"A mistake repeated more than once is a decision"

Why is Bookkeeping so important - Bookkeeping tracks the performance of an organization at each bend & turn of operations. Without tracking, companies are left adrift at sea in the night with no channel markers or lighthouses to guide them. Detailed financial records allow businesses to see what's working and what isn't so they can decide to move forward

One of the most important reason for studying history is to avoid repeating past mistakes. This is the same for bookkeeping. The ability to look over and analyze the performance of yesteryear in relation to changes made within the business or fluctuations in the market empowers businesses to avoid failure and pursue paths that lead to success.


Business can take advantage of a whole slew of tax write-offs and deductions, but only if you keep upon their bookkeeping duties. Chucking your receipts into a box is a quick fix that is likely to end up costing the company far more time & money in the long run than tracking expenses properly the first time. Even if you do manage to hang onto every receipt by the end of the year and painstakingly account for each one, your organization is missing out on the chance to analyze its own spending

Bookkeeping helps provide insight into operations like expense practices. Digitizing these records and analyzing expenditures can help your company find areas of waste and opportunities for savings. Filing taxes becomes a huge undertaking when you have to manually hunt down every receipt. Digitization makes tax season a much less frightening and stressful time thanks to all the detailed records that are made readily accessible to you


Accounts payable and accounts receivable are two most important reports for companies to keep in check. Missing payments can result in late fees or even termination of contracts. Furthermore, failing to track the work you've completed which has yet to be paid for can result in your company working fro free. You'll have a hard time sending invoices and payment reminders if you have no idea what work was done or when it was successfully completed.

Contractors that don't get paid are not likely to every work for your organization again. Bookkeeping keeps track of all your operations and makes sure each player is appropriately rewarded for their hard work


Detailed records help businesses in every facet of operations. Without diligent bookkeeping, organizations will find it difficult, if not impossible, to make informed business decisions regarding the future of the organization. Bookkeeping also ensures companies have the money they need on hand to maintain day-to-day operations & keep their employees, contractors and vendors paid the money they're owed

The importance of accurate and detailed records is difficult to overstate. The only problem is many business owners don't have the knowledge or time to keep their records up to date. Bookkeeping may not be everyone's favorite task, but there are tools and services out there that can help ease the burden or even take whole load off altogether for organizations that need help with their charts and ledgers


While bookkeeping may not be for everyone, accounting is a passion for JB Bookkeeping. We have made it our personal goal to help every small to medium business get the information and help they need to find financial success. In pursuit of this goal we provide all kinds of accounting services to help businesses get on top of their finances once and for all.

GET IN TOUCH with any questions you might have. We are always ready to get started on bringing your books up to date so your business can make the most of its finances.