Lauren Bachman Director Lifestyle Hearing t/a Hear Today Wrote:

"Jacqui has taken care of our business' booking needs since the inception of our business two years ago.

Being a new business owner, her help, knowledge and guidance were invaluable during this initial period

where I did not have a full understanding of what was required.

She communicates effectively with my team and accountant and has always been punctual and professional.

I have recommended her to many business owners and friends in the past and will continue to do so."


Taryn Van Der Westhuizen Director Mad Hatters Party Shop Wrote:

"I am writing to recommend Jacqui

(JB Bookkeeping Services) as bookkeeper.

She has been doing our books from when we took over the business in June 2017. 

In this time she has done & helped us with all our legal & financial decisions.

She has assisted with registration of company with SARS & CIPRO

We highly recommend her for all bookkeeping services.

She is accurate & always goes the extra mile to ensure that we are compliant and correct"


Muir & Co Wrote:

"This testimonial serves as a full endorsement & recommendation for Jacqui Botha Bookkeeping. 

She was the bookkeeper for a group of clients which we deal with. 

She maintains & manages an operating farms as well as the land owning trust,

which often included some complex accounting structures of inter-group accounts. 

Muir & co recommend her company JB Bookkeeping Services,

believe she will not only run a clean set of books, but will add value from an operations perspective,

effectively manage all the statutory return and requirements of any business"


Frank Taylor - FJ Taylor Professional Accountant Wrote:

"The purpose of this testimonial is to recommend Jacqui Botha Bookkeeping. 

I have been working with Ms Botha since 2004, she operates JB Bookkeeping.

Part of my duties is to sign off financial statements on accounts prepared by her company. 

Services of this company included processing of accounting records, payroll and other related services,

filing SARS returns, preparation of final trial balance & general ledger.

I'm confident that  Ms Botha (JB Bookkeeping) is/will be a valuable addition to any company"


Grant St Clair Mulley Director Sundeck Saints Wrote:

"Jacqui is the bookkeeper for my small business Sundeck Saints. 

Jacqui is extremely precise in her calculations & always takes the time to review each management report before submitting. 

For my business, Jacqui's work was audited each financial year for official records and no errors were ever found with her work. 

She is very professional & takes pride in her profession. 

Jacqui is very strict when it comes to how entries are captured on the bank statements and always there to assist me in any advice. 

Jacqui always communicates with me when it comes to when VAT is due, company registration is due etc. 

Jacqui (JB Bookkeeping) has never let me down,

which is why I recommend JB Bookkeeping to anyone looking for a reliable & professional bookkeeper"